Friday, 30 December 2011

From the beginning

I have always loved racing ,whether it be cars,bikes,planes and don't mind messing about with sharp,hot oily bits either.
In my late teens (mid 80's) I started going scooter racing with Paul Shirley,helping out as pit crew for him.This then turned to building my own Lambretta race bike ,which i did race but slowly!.We then turned our attention the scooter grass track racing which was very cheap and a whole lot of fun.That was until I broke a collar bone testing a sidecar.Family and work then took over until around 2002 when i took up motorbike sprinting.This took me and Karen all over the country drag racing several Lambretta's and I was British scooter sprint champion for a couple of seasons.

In 2007 myself and daughter Amy took part in the scally rally which entailed buying a car (h reg sierra) for under £100 and driving from Calias to Rimini on the Adriatic coast going over the alps and dolomites in 4 days.It was a blast, so much so that the following year i bought a 1983 Porsche 924 and completed both the Irish and Rimini part of 5000 miles in a little over 2 weeks.I was now hooked on this cheap front engined rear wheel drive sports car.And i could say i have a Porsche in the drive.

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