Friday, 30 December 2011

so i had this idea about racing

In December 2010 i had heard that there was a crash damaged race prepped Porsche 924 for sale.I went along to have a look and found a white 924 with the front end chopped off,wings and bonnet missing,but other wise it was a comlpete race car.It had all the important bits still with it.a roll-cage,racing wheels and tyres,engine,exhaust,fire extinguisher system and plastic windows and rear hatch.

A deal was done and this is where my son in law stuart(who shall be known from now on as erny) comes in.Erny is a mechanic and banger racer and he had agreed to help out with the project.The first plan was that we would weld on a new front end and we would be ready for the first race in march.
when we got the white car back to the barn and on the ramp it was clear that this was not going to be the case.The floor pan was rippled and the damage at the front end was to severe for us to remedy.I did not really like the idea of grafting a front end on anyway,but it was the cheapest option at the time.the decision was taken that we would get a new chassis

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