Friday, 30 December 2011

a couple of the scooters

these are a couple of pics of the Lambrettas that I was sprinting.
The black one was a 1963 li 125 originaly.But the angle grinder came out and cut off most of what was not needed.this was used as a test bed and spare when the blue and white bike decided to get all italian and pack up.the steering stem was shortened,the handlebars were made into drops and it was standard wheel base,hence getting the front wheel off the tarmac.

The blue and white bike is a different beast altogether.The frame was extensivley modified,the engine moved back by 300mm,the steering stock and forks cut down by 400mm.The frame was cut to alter the rake angle and the forks altered to change the rake.This stopped it wheelieing in all gears.everything was cut off it that was not needed.the feul tank was custom made to hold just 2.5 litres of methanol,anything less than that I would run out of fuel before i had got back to the paddock after one 1/4 mile run at Santapod.You can work out the mpg! The carb is a 39mm delorto with drilled out main jet and twin 8mm pipes feeding it.
The exhaust was hand made,the gearboxes and gear selectors I had to have cryogeneticaly frozen to make them harder as I was breaking them with no trouble at all.

With times for the quarter at 14.01 seconds at a speed of 90 plus mph,it's best day was doing 1/8th mile at brooklands on the brand new tarmac laid down for the new mercedes world.9 seconds and doing 78mph over 220 yards on a scooter with 245cc and around 36hp ,it blew away most modern 600s and 750s.awsome

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