Sunday, 1 January 2012

stripping out

Once we had got the red car back to the workshop i started removing everything not needed.All of the internal trim was thrown out,I mean recycled,the doors andwings removed.Gary had taken the dash out before collection so did not have to worry about that.Now was the time for the heat gun and scrapper.What a pain it is removing the sound proofing and trim which is glued to the body,but even worse was the 4mm thick bitumen sheet that was on the floor pan,torque tube rear spare wheel well and side paniers,and engine bay.I would think in total I removed 10 kg of the stuff and wrecked one heat gun from BandQ.Still it was February at the time so my hands were warm.Our aim was to make the chassis as light as possible before paint so every metal bracket was removed that was not needed.

top pic is what we started with and the second is with much removed

the removal of the stuff from the interior took about 2 weeks worth of evenings,not a quick job.

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