Wednesday, 11 January 2012

paint and dash fitting

Once all of the welding and removal of everything not needed on the interior it was time for some paint.Brilliant bright white was chosen as that was the colour of the original car with a bright yellow roll cage and inner wings.The hunt was on now for yellow trim and accessories.With Erny doing a fantastic job on the paint inside attention turned to the exterior.Many nights with wet and dry and a bucket of water followed.The sunroof was adapted so that all that was unnesseccary was removed and all that was left was the fibreglass panel.This was fixed in place and then made good with sealant and filler.

The engine bay and nose were cleaned and rubbed down along with the bumpers and front valence.Over several nights Erny painted the exterior and engine bay.All was going well,with a couple of coats going on each evening,until i forgot to put the hardener in one batch of paint.This resulted in the paint not going off and me having to remove this layer,sorry Erny.The finished job is excellent and is a quite striking colour in the sun.lovely.

Once the exterior paint was done then i could get the dash fitted into the car.I had removed this from the old race car wholesale,only having to cut and mark a few cables in the engine bay.With some large screws and a couple of nuts and bolts the dash fitted perfect.I could now fit the front part of the roll cage in place,after all of its modifications,this to fitted well.

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