Saturday, 28 January 2012

engine and drive train

The build was now getting to the point where the engine,torque tube,gearbox and rear suspension could be removed from the old white race car chassis.In no time atall Erny and I had the engine disconnected from the torque tube and that was lifted out.the tube and gearbox where then dropped out and placed in a position so that we would trip over it for a couple of days.
The rear axel was next out and when we had it on the ground we could compare it against an axel with no adjustments made to it for racing.The race axel setup was altered by some 125mm from stock.A big smile then came across my face as i realised that a very hard job had been done for me already.Nice.

In the original crash the engine had suffered a holed sump,so while the engine was out that was changed.Thanks goes to gary(snaggletooth)from the owners club for the kind donation of the sump and many other parts.
Next job was putting the rear axel and torque tube into the new car.This slotted in without to much rouble in one evening although I found that the rubber mounts for the torsion bar arms were shot so I manufactured some replacements out of solid steel.
The engine was next to go in,again this proved reasonably straight forward with Erny in control.

We now had a car resembling a racing machine on its wheels.Result 

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