Saturday, 28 January 2012

Suspension brakes and fuel lines

Now we had all the big important bits in the car it was now a big push to all those little things on order,begged,borrowed,stolen etc,etc.New wishbones had been sourced along with a complete set of poly bushes for the front end.Anti-roll bar painted.Brake calipers rebuilt,flexi hoses fitted,front wheel bearings changed.All new brake lines run in from the master cylinder to the front's and rear's,with the rear lines running through the inside of the car on the passenger side.

With the rear axel fitted I changed the rear wheel bearings,brake pistons and brake shoes with all new springs and clips.Shiny.

Now came the fuel lines.I wanted these run in through the car so to comply with the MSA regs these lines have to be high pressure rated and stainless steel braided.After much messing about I found Earls at Silverstone who were fantastic and sorted me out with all the right bits first time.Brilliant.These lines have special anodised fittings on them and they look the part.A new fuel pump was fitted along with new hoses between the tank,pump and accumulator.

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