Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The end is in sight....sort of

With the engine,fuel lines and wiring in it was time to see if the engine turned over.W had no idea if it worked so it was quite a tense time.Erny found a suitable battery and once it was connected i turned on the master switch.There was no explosion,fire,sparks or big bang which was a relief.Various switches were operated and things seemed to work.The lights and indicators were good,brake lights operated but i had them arse-about-face.All is looking good.
The big moment has come.Press the start button.......she turns it for a little longer and it turns over but does not burst into life.After a bit of fault finding the slightly used fuel pump off ebay was knackered.That will teach me to buy used important bits.
So it was a deflated evening in the end but it was off to euro car parts for a bosch fuel pump the next day.

YEEHAA she runs and sweetly too.

So relieved,with the car up on the ramps we had her running with no problems at all.All the fuel lines were fine and no leaks.All the gears worked along with the clutch and the brakes operated to.
I think we had a celabratory cup of tea that night.
Now came the finishing touches to get it out to test.I fashioned the light covers and fitted them in place along with the worlds flimsiest and piss poor fitting fibreglass front bumper.Erny sprayed the bonnet which looked sweet until a moth decided to do a wheels up landing on it between coats.

The seat and harness where next to be fitted with a fair bit of time spent getting the seat in the best possible position.The car felt very comfortable.pedals and steering wheel felt in the right place and my arms slightly bent so not under undue pressure.The next problem then to overcome was getting in and out of the thing.I do like a good meal and a beer so i have had to fit a quick release steering boss which hurt the pocket a little.Found a nice yellow steering wheel too.

Now thinking of where to go testing. 

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