Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A testing time

With the car running now it was time to think about testing.The best place i came up with was to go to a run what you brung at Santa Pod.With entry priced at £10 each all we had to do is rock up,unload and drive around the car park.All i wanted to know was if the car went in a staight line,accelerated and stopped when told to do so.No point in spending £150 on  track day and not getting it out of the garage because of a silly mistake made by me during building.

I was very nervous when i pressed the start button.She fired up and felt good,I selected first gear and let out the clutch.What a feeling,I was driving a race car that I had built in under 11 months.There is a huge amount of space at the pod so i drove around on a huge circle for a couple of minutes,gradually getting faster.all the gears worked and the brake stopped it in a straight line.The ride was very stiff but felt fantastic.
A quick check over the car to see if all of the fluids were being kept in the right places and then it was time to bed the brakes in a little.Again driving around in big circles.
After having the hottest chilli dog in the world the decision was taken  to take the car down the strip.£25 later and i am in the queue.Feels like old times with scooter,a little nervous.Still i get to the line and make my lane partner wait for me,oh the memories.A very gentle start and a build up of speed down the track.She feels good and i get in all the gears.Time of around 20 seconds.more than happy and after a another check over it was back in the queue.The next run was a little faster with this time seeing when the shift light comes on(6000rpm).Run three was much the same and I came in with a 17 second run.

Very very very happy with the day.The car behaved perfectly and I could not ask for more


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