Wednesday, 4 April 2012

November track day

With the car performing so well at Santa Pod it was now time to get it on the track.I had a bit of a hunt about and found an open pit lane track day at SnettertonI had done a TD there before so knew the track although this was on the new 300 circuit.
An early start on the saturday morning and it was throwing it down with rain.Deep joy.
I booked a pit lane garage so we managed to stay dry most of the time.Filled her up with fuel and checked the tyre pressures and after the drivers brief we were out.

What a feeling.It was great,slippy but great.
Nice and steady for the first session,Karen andAmy were doing lap times so we had some idea of what was going on.The weather managed to sort itself out and over the day the track dried out.I done a couple of twenty minute sessions before dinner and my lap times were coming down and down.Getting used to the car was a new experiance,she feels very positive and if you do get a little busy it tells you soon enough but it is nice and easy to correct.I find that i can hold my own against the smaller hot hatches but have to make way for the bigger/faster stuff like caterhams and evos.What i lask in straight line speed i make up in the corners.She realy does handle very well.

With four sessions in the afternoon my lap times are down to the qualifying pace of last years race cars at the back of the grid.I am exstatic.
I end up facing the wrong way only the once and have had a fantastic day.I have learned a load about the car and I am getting more and more confident in my own ability.
We pack up at around 4ish as i have to get the chinese in when we get home.Thanks team

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  1. Hi mate. Love the build. What wheels are they?