Sunday, 1 January 2012

More stripping out

When the interior of old red was just about finished my attention then had to turn to the white car as I had to remove equipment and parts from this in a logical order to then install in red.First out was the roll cage.On removing this it was found that the previous owner/builder did not have the same idea of build qualitity as myself.Some of the welds were not up to much so these were cut out and re-welded.

A trial fitting showed that the cage fitted but the door bars were not quite the white car they were welded to the rear wheel arch and not attatched to the rear upright.After talking to scruteneers at Donington the decision was taken to have new door bars made.More of this a little later.when the cage was in a trial fit of the seat also took place just to see if that fitted and that we got it in about the right place.It was found that the front upright of the cage interfered with my foot on the throttle so the cage was taken out and the base plate changed to bring the up right as far out of the way as possible.

The first two pics show the cage in the white car before removal and the next three are the trial fit in old red and Stan the guard dog

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